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NY celebrates The Fashion Week Experience

Denny Silva

Oct 12, 2021

CorDuRoi is a Paris- inspired collection featuring blazers, hoodies, sneakers, bags and jackets featuring images found at the Palace of Versailles combined with New York-inspired silhouettes. HealthJox is an Athleisure brand inspired by the sports of the five neighborhoods. Plus, there's also a strong connection to inner-city youth, as Dewry DuRoi founded his 501 HealthJox Foundation, Inc. in July 2020.

On September 4, as a precursor to New York Fashion Week, founder James Corbett produced his annual fashion show “The Fashion Week Experience” live in Times Square, New York. This seven-hour non-stop showcase of LED screens and tents provided a platform for American designers to showcase their collections, as well as for artists to perform on stage.

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